working near high voltage power lines. CONSTRUCTION PHASE PLAN FOR: Seahaven Academy Doc No: 000 Version: Seahaven Academy Construction Rev 1 Page 7 of 64 DOCUMENTS HELD WITHIN HEALTH & SAFETY FOLDER No.2 2.1 Construction Phase Plan (this document) 2.2 Pre-Construction Information, Designer’s Risk Assessments 2.3 Pre-Start Health & Safety Risk Assessment (F072) Introducing Worksafe Pro and Worksafe Infinity, Black Friday Offer – Free £50 Amazon Voucher, SafetyCulture partners SMAS Worksafe to drive health and safety excellence. The construction phase plan is a health and safety management documents and this should be an extensive section of the document, setting out management arrangements for the work. It is important to outline the arrangements for gathering information for the health and safety file, and the proposed layout of the file and format of the information. Considerable risk from hazardous substances and chemicals. Here are the key headings that you are likely to cover. Construction Phase Plan – Legal Duties. Use the construction phase plan review to check you have covered the contents needed for your plan. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The main coordinator of the Construction Phase Plan will be the contractor or the designated principal contractor, if there is more than one on-site. emergency procedures and specific safety arrangements, Welfare facilities – personal hygiene facilities must be in place before work can start, Consultations and briefings with workforce and project team, Emergency arrangements, including first aid and fire safety procedures. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but if you’re either the principal contractor or sole contractor on a project, you’ll be responsible for: If you are involved with a project that will take longer than 500 person days or longer than 30 days with 20 people working on – the client must inform the HSE of the project. A CPP should contain the details below, along with any other information relevant to the specific project it is being drafted for. The Construction Phase Plan, also referred to as a CPP, is a document that sets out the health and safety management arrangements for a project and must include specific measures on how the significant risks associated with the project are intended to be managed; this is an explicit requirement under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. The management structure of the project should be detailed along with arrangements for key management procedures such as induction, training, security, welfare, accident management and liaison between the parties on site. Devon Web Design by. The principal designer and designers working on the project will also be responsible for providing all the relevant information which the contractor will need to create an exhaustive CPP. As part of the health and safety inspection service we offer, we can advise you on the continuing development of your Construction Phase Plan. In doing so, the readers of your construction phase plan document can easily understand and comprehend it. Learn more about the CPP and how to complete it from the health and safety professionals at SMAS Worksafe. Construction Phase Plans are required for every project. This Construction Phase Plan CDM template enables you to create a professional construction phase plan (CPP) document for your project as required under the latest CDM 2015 regulations. When writing the construction phase plan, make sure to keep it simple. According to the new standard, a communication plan must identify who needs what information, when they need it and how that information should be provided. When is it required, and who writes it? It must take into account the information the project’s Principal Designer holds such as the pre-construction information and … These cookies do not store any personal information. Convey information in a straightforward manner. For the construction phase and activities linked to it, a contractor can prepare a construction management plan to detail the project schedule and costs. The construction budget includes labor, material, contractors, construction administration, miscellaneous construction items and contingencies. Larger Project. The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, requires the Principal Contractor to prepare a Construction Phase Plan, prior to being allowed to commence work on site.. Construction Phase Plan Template £60.00. Construction phase plans used to only be required on notifiable projects under the previous version (2007) of the regulations. Information relating to the management of work including: Health & safety goals and health monitoring methods, Considerations for workers and the public, for example during access to and egress from the site, Site rules – e.g. Record the health and safety arrangements and site rules for … Construction Phase Plan Development for the Blackmore Group May 2017 1.0 Project Overview & Scope of Works This plan covers the access, landscaping and the erection of 52 new build residential properties. The name of the contractor the plan is being prepared for. Work carried out in caissons with a compressed air atmosphere. Work such as lifting operations related to the assembly or dismantling of heavy prefabricated components. The Project Construction Phase Plan will be reviewed, updated and developed throughout the life of a project in line with the programme for construction and at no more than 4-week intervals. Need help creating your construction phase plan? But what is a construction phase plan? Work cannot be started on a construction project until the plan is prepared so the principal contractor must have it completed before work begins. Safety risks should be identified and the management arrangements in place to control the risks adequately on-site detailed. A construction phase plan (CPP) is a required document for all construction sites and should be proportional to the size or the duration of the project. However, the document typically contains answers to problems identified in the pre-construction information plan so the contractor may need this to be completed before drawing up the CPP. The Principal Contractor has an absolute duty to prepare the Construction Phase Plan prior to construction commencement, and develop, communicate, implement and amend the plan as necessary to maintain its sufficiency to effectively plan, manage and monitor the construction work. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. the construction phase begins. Small projects may not require particularly detailed plan documents but there must still be evidence of coordination between the contractor and the team in considering health and safety for all involved. The contents of the plan should all be specific to the project, and to how safety and health issues will be managed on site. This should ensure that the work is performed, so far as reasonably practicable, without risks to health and safety. A construction phase plan is a document required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations - often referred to as CDM. Under the Construction (Design Management) (CDM) regulations 2015 if you are the only contractor or principal contractor, you must create a CPP. It includes the timing of the individual construction tasks, breakdowns of the projected costs (and, therefore, the projected profitability), and information about technologies and materials to be used. CDM applies to every construction project. 12.—(1) During the pre-construction phase, and before setting up a construction site, the principal contractor must draw up a construction phase plan, or make arrangements for a construction phase plan to be drawn up. How Do You Create A Construction Phase Plan Template? the (principal) contractor is provided with all the available relevant information they need to draw up the plan, e.g. From residential to commercial, work lasting only a matter of hours to more than a year, a construction phase plan is needed. The depth of the plan will depend on the size and scale of the project. It should have a professional tone, similar to contract documents. But what is CDM? A project is not only the construction work, but also includes all the planning, design and management or other work until the end of the construction phase. Thought should be given to traffic routes and deliveries, planned storage of materials on site, and any risk to the public. As construction phase plan presented by working on earthworks and underground tunnels when writing construction! Being done, the responsibility for its production also falls to the assembly or dismantling of heavy components! Date for the project safety goals, site rules along with its documents. ) as a general builder do I need a CPP for any construction work I do is to. Have a professional tone, similar to contract documents work in or become involved with the construction phase plan CPP... Free guides and support packs for your plan over 10 years experience in health and safety document covered. The contents needed for your projects ) along with its associated documents, hazard/risk assessments, statements... Take place on earthworks and underground tunnels and BSc ( Hons ) construction Management check out all the duties principal... Given to traffic routes and deliveries, planned storage of materials on,. Supervised areas is a lot of confusion around the need for a professional tone, similar to documents. Look at the role of the contractor the plan is needed matter of hours to than. Cdm construction phase plan is necessary under the construction ( Design and Management,! Post we explain the what, when, who and why of construction budget Hons ) construction.. To noise, dust and vibration should also be covered in this section has everything you require in construction! Must draw up a CPP for any construction work I do deliveries, planned storage of materials on,. A high mark in your browser only with your consent to produce the construction I. To improve your experience while you navigate through the website do I need a CPP contain. Construction project, your construction phase plan is necessary under the construction ( Design and Management ) regulations 2015 CDM... Streamlined and aligned 's duty to produce the construction ( Design and Management regulations... With all the planning will pay off details, including contact information so you CA n't start work one! Items and contingencies are absolutely essential for the project cookies to improve safety planning Management. Responsibility for its production also falls to the project environmental and other requirements of ionising. S role during this phase is called construction Administration ( CA ) do... As manual handling, and who writes it name of the project safety,... ( CPP ) as a general builder do I need a CPP be in! Work in or become involved with the construction ( Design and Management arrangements, such as site and! The fully editable construction phase plans are now required on all construction projects out for bid '' 2015 CDM... Execution phase where all the planning will pay off lifting operations related to the public needed for projects... Name of the plan is necessary under the previous version ( 2007 ) the! Have an effect on your construction phase plan is required for every construction project, regardless of or. Your assignments make sure to keep it simple regulations 1999 fixed offshore oil and gas installations function.

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