Thank you Andrew. Not sure if this will ever be lifted. Edit Was there in the 80’s as a TV news reporter. I will post the photos tomorrow on my Website, Facebook, and Instagram. Some of the scenes where they were going in with the bulldozers were so sad. SYNOPSIS CENTRALIA, PENNSYLVANIA – A coal mining town of approximately 1,500 residents in upstate Pennsylvania is overcome by a massive underground mine fire which began in May of 1962. All (75) residents of this town/village had to abandoned there home due to high heat, steam, toxic fume from mine fire in Centralia .All is left is a Shrine on the side of Route 61. We had an underground mine fire which caused the town to relocate to the top of the mountain. I love to learn more. I would imagine that anything that wasn’t completely cost prohibitive was tried at some point. Might one of your corespondents visit this interesting area? I took a picture of my Jeep near the cracks but now after reading about Centrailia I wonder if posting the picture would be admitting to trespassing. I would never disrespect. And share the stories that I have witnessed while I was there. A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter and her friends to see centralia as they had heard about the new documentary and wanted to see the area it for themselves. Quite disappointing that the Government didn’t step in and put up the money in the beginning. I never really checked out the ones in the Wilkes Barre area (there are about 6 fires currently burning in that area. A year or two later we were saddened to see a few more homes were demolished…Of course no pics. Memorial The nearest community is Ashland, which should have some plays to stay, though I don’t think that there is a hotel there. Unbelievable that a whole town is torn down. As I was about to leave, I discovered three kittens in an abandoned lot near Rt. You are correct Sabrina, I live 3 miles away from Centralia and can assure you, the fire is still burning. Search Google and download the “before” maps. In the fall of 2016, Kathi Womer moved out of the borough. were and looking at old pics, you can also see the old homes and businesses….Now just the street and grassy patch were the tracks ran. Briefly-my family (grandfather) moved to Centralia in 1913-he was a pharmacist. So if you are on your way up or back from one of those, this makes for an interesting stop, if you know where to look. I pass thru Centralia twice a day. Google Earth was a great help in finding things. I remember reading about Centralia – a terrible, sad and yet fascinating story. The average household income in Centralia is - with a poverty rate of 0.00%. The power poles were mounted on high concrete pedestals and snow instantly melted on contacting surface of the access road. as long as you were not doing anything stupid they had no problem with anyone visiting, walking the path and leaving your mark <3. the few residents who still remain got a lump sum of money from a court case involving the land. This past summer I stopped and walked around the cemetary, both as a matter of fact. Sorry I’m bad with names. © Copyright 2013-2020 Uncovering Media, LLC - All Rights Reserved, Find more things to do in the Susquehanna Region. You can even place your hands in the cracks on graffiti highway and feel the extreme heat coming from certain areas of the cracks. Based in the state capital of Harrisburg, Jim frequently travels around Pennsylvania and has visited, written about, and photographed all 67 counties in the state. Discussing this, other than to dismiss it is like discussing the “fact” that Obama was born in Kenya. 46. Jim Cheney, How would YOU put the fire out? We the Church way on top off the hill , we made our way up just to be disappointed there more than 10 signs, No trespassing, violators’ will be prosecuted and few sigs (ADT security surveillance camera) We were afraid to even try and take a pic. Also worth seeing is the former Veteran’s Memorial, which still has a chain-link fence and the base where the veteran’s memorial statue once stood. I am 2 hours away and been wanting to take a trip to centralia pa ,any good advice ,plan on doing that today 1245 pm now on sunday may 29th 2016. They proceeded to tell me about a place called Pepe’s in Mt. As Richard said, anywhere where there isn’t a no parking sign or where you would be in the way of traffic, should be fine. It is PennDot that is enforcing this so they can only enforce the state road! A mobile home park sprung up in the area of the fire, because the mobile homes could be moved if necessary. He told me about the boy in the yard and the hole opening up . I was able to catch two kittens before the storm hit. I totally agree that the ATVs and vehicles need to be off the road, but I see no reason to stop an average visitor from checking it out. Anywhere you feel comfortable… Most area is safe for parking… I wouldn’t recommend parking in the driveway of an occupied home but other than that, feel safe in parking anywhere your vehicle will safely take you…. Could see it 20 years ago but it is all gone.” We stopped by a pizza place in Ashland and asked the waiter the same question, She replied the exact same thing as the security guard, minus the internet lies. I am not saying that this is or is not the case, just saying why the conspiracy theorists feel that way. The church can be easily accessed from the town of Aristes at the top of the hill. Visit: Centone Pictures, LLC. I’d also give a wide berth to the homes that are there so as not to bother residents. I love adventure and seeing stuff like this. For a large portion of the highway, it looked simply like an overgrown, abandoned road, similar to the Abandoned PA Turnpike near Breezewood. If anyone been there recently please let me know. It will help when I visit. I live in Bloomsburg, not far from Centralia. ©2017 CENTONE PICTURES, LLC. Have fun and be sure to learn the history of the community so you can relate when you are there. I know the conspiracy theorists think this. Our Family Experience Finding Fossils in Centralia, PA. On Labor Day 2020, our family decided to embark on our 1.5 hour drive to Centralia—you may know it as the ghost town that has had a fire burning under it in the coal mines for fifty years! I visit once in a while, and wrote the eulogy “Centralia PA, Devils Fire,” but I respect the ground on which the town once stood as hallowed ground. The community of roughly 1,500 was supported by the seam of coal that ran beneath the town. The Fire House/Police Station building still stands and has a yellow firetruck inside, which is still being used in the event of fires in the area. William Zeigler (1837 – 1905)* There were a lot of people walking the Graffiti Highway and was able to get my jeep on the highway after seeing some locals driving on the road. To be honest, I’ve never heard of any paranormal activity at Centralia, but good luck in your quest. then we asked a local who has the best ice cream? Simple answer… Rock is porous. However, it is visit at your own risk, and you should always obey any signs you see. Centralia Didn’t see the Odd Fellow Cemetery, I guess as one the comments mentioned it is cover with grass. We walked by the church, there’s a nice little garden behind it and farther up a trail I think there were bee hives. please let me know ASAP and again, parking and what shoes to wear and stuff like that. Its so beautiful there, and there were many more people there then we expected. Death: Mar. Also try Find-a-Grave, and Graves a Million. Visit, take pictures, and if possible stay out of the cemeteries.