Again, you find all kinds of soybean ingredients in lots of dog foods. this dog food tested for high levels of phenobarbital. Seems to be great for her digestion system where some other dog foods are not. If you’re going to diss Ol’ Roy, then you need to take the same attitude toward Pedigree. Pet Food News. But my babies love it and until they realize that it is dog food, they will get their treat every night. It causes cancer. So I tried Purina Moist and Meaty, and they loved it. Forget begging at the dinner table, your pup will be waiting at his bowl for Ol' Roy Soft & Moist Beef Flavor Food for Dogs. I am very disappointed with the large bad of Old Roy mixed flavored dog bones, they are one flavor just the brown ones, no other flavor. We bought a bag of Ol Roy dry dog food for our dogs. Grains, in general, are not as easy for dogs to digest as meat protein. Dogs can be allergic to any common dog food ingredient, not just grains. After he began losing weight and I took him to the vet to make sure he was not sick or had dental problems (his teeth are in amazing shape actually), I decided to try a bag my neighbor had. I just opened a new bag and one dog is sick and one just smells it and will not eat. The bulky box is not easy to work with on a daily basis, J's! My dog just died! Sorry, this webpage requires JavaScript to function correctly. Shop for more Dry Dog Food available online at I don’t like to throw away 14.00 for each bag, and only get 1 flavor this makes 2 bags. After dealing with her picking out pieces of her Kibble and laying them beside her dish, I knew we had to try something different. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 27%, a fat level of 10% and estimated carbohydrates of about 55%. If I mixed it with canned, then they would eat it because they liked the canned. This must have been what his previous owners fed him. i’ll still use them as I have two dogs but I won’t purchase this item in the future. I was informed that they no longer offer that size. Can someone look into this for me I would greatly appreciate this. They dont have to advertise because of the price and we all know kibbles n bits. Lots of dog foods rely on corn as a first ingredient and contain some added sweeteners and artificial colors as well as synthetic vitamin K. (We’ve reviewed dog foods with no meat content at all and nothing but meat flavor, for example.) Price Price. An Alphabetical List. She loves it!! Don't miss an opportunity to learn about special offers and new promotions This moist and chewy meal treat has is packed with beef & cheese flavor. in our ratings and reviews and welcome feedback via our comment section or, Which Dog Food Has Never Been Recalled? sad face, My brother was feeding his English mastiff purina and diamond but when he tried to switch to Ol Roy to save money she wouldn’t even touch it or eat it, and if a dog does not eat the dog food it is given something is not right about the food. 6 kg . All my dogs got sick from ol roy had bad gas! I am a 67 year young female and live in a second floor apartment. The dog food uses cornmeal as its major ingredient, supplemented with meat and bone meal and chicken byproduct as animal protein sources. Soybean meal is the second ingredient. Great price too! This kind of ingredient is usually added to make the food more palatable so dogs are more likely to eat it. My dogs have been acting kinda strange. We will ONLY email this list in the event of an actual recall. But lots of dogs are eating this food and having their basic nutritional needs met. Beef is a good source of riboflavin, niacin and zinc, and a very good source of vitamin C, vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus, copper and selenium. I have 2 dogs, a Pomeranian and a Rotty. Shop online for dog, cat, fish, bird, and small animal supplies at Semi-moist Dog Food Today. Available in stores . The contents were black liquid with a terrible odor. I have 10 dogs that will not eat nothing but Ol’ Roy Soft Moist Beef, they have been eating that now for 10 yrs or so…and they are as healthy as can be! I have four dogs and i have used ol’roy for all the dogs i have had. Plus, we've added vitamins and minerals for 100% balanced nutrition for adult dogs. SORRY but REALLY!!! I ALWAYS BUY THIS DOG FOOD FROM WALMART. The dog food uses cornmeal as its major ingredient, supplemented with meat and bone meal and chicken byproduct as animal protein sources. Our Rottweiler ate some of it and was very sleepy. There was a voluntary recall in 2008 involving products made at the Everson, Illinois plant because of Salmonella. From 2,345 Elroy attractions, Yelp helps you discover popular restaurants, hotels, tours, shopping, and … Phone: 814-626-1900 Email: 0. Ol’ Roy Soft & Moist Beef Flavor Food for Dogs. We appreciate your support and confidence look at the recommended pet weight. Buy Ol' Roy Soft & Moist Gourmet Dog Food from Walmart Canada. I purchased a box of large beef basted dog bones and they are terrible. My 1 year old is a rescue. If you know much about dog food then you’ll find lots of ingredients objectionable in Ol’ Roy dog food. Most of the Ol’ Roy dog food formulas have corn as their first ingredient, as well as other corn products (such as … This dog food killed many dogs including my mom’s. The problem was a fungal toxin. With our Ol' Roy Soft & Moist Beef Flavor Dog Food, eating healthy has never tasted so good. Product Title Ol' Roy Meaty Loaf Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, Filet Mignon Flavor and Chicken & Rice Dinner, 13.2 oz, 24 Cans Average Rating: ( 4.4 ) out of 5 stars 130 ratings , based on 130 reviews Current Price $15.97 $ 15 . If you purchase the pet foods we recommend through those links, we may earn a small commission – at no extra cost to you. Alpo Variety Snaps Purina Dog Treats. In 1999 there was a recall involving dry dog food made by Doane Pet Care that included Ol’ Roy. There is danger Not just because of Bad nutrition, … Rate this item: 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 Submit Rating And my dad used to work at Wal-mart at the pet department and even he said it has some buy products. 50# bag is too heavy for me! These little punches are filled with yummy fun! PROBLEM: could only purchase a 20# or 50# bag. Ol Roy dog food has many ingredients from China (including Menadione... a controversial form of vitamin K linked to liver toxicity, allergies and the abnormal break-down of red blood cells) and is killing Dogs and Cats. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 24%, a fat level of 11% and estimated carbohydrates of about 57%. Username: * Password: * Is not gooey and messy. We got to big bags and our dogs acted strange after the third time of feeding them we notice they would walk away and would not even want to smell it one of my dogs died last Tuesday. Your dog would prefer a little more quality in his diet ! See our Needs Clean Up Ol' Roy Soft & Moist Beef Flavor Dog Food 72 oz. You can find some better dog foods that don’t cost a lot more. So please stop using this dog food it is seriously dangerous. Add to registry Ol' Roy Soft & Moist … Many dog owners do look down on Ol’ Roy dog food. In 2009 they had global retail sales of US$13.3 billion. Ol’ Roy Reviews Ol’ Roy Ingredients. We have 6 pitbulls and they love OlRoy Complete nutrition. as an aside, i gave my dogs some IAMS Woof Delights a couple of nights ago (I’ve never used this before, but I was in a pinch)… the 2nd night I used it, I believe all my dogs vomited (i didn’t witness it, just saw 4 piles on the deck). Not sold ... Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. The fifth ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. The food is often mentioned when someone wants to name the epitome of bad dog food. I mixed them for a while just to transition, and I have noticed no difference. Price Price. Throwing up and diarrhea are symptoms but my baby was too far sick to save. We were buying the big box of moist and meaty from Sam's club until I saw walmart carried this! Its gross and I’m pissed. 283g . Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Mars Petcare is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. With a chewy outer layer and a moist, flavorful center, this tasty food has a soft texture and the taste of bones dogs love. Shame on you Walmart. There went my best friend! Ol’ Roy Dog Food Review. My dogs would look at me with a sad face when I fed them kibble. I have always purchased the 30# bag in the past. Treat your canine companion to a hearty, healthy bowl of wholesome food with Ol' Roy Dinner Rounds Dog Food, 15 lb. Disclaimer: While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others, and has not been verified by us. They both have had diaria and my pom has been very sick from Ole Roy gravy train. A number of Ol’ Roy products were involved in the. Yorkie has missing teeth so its so soft for her to chew! 2. I wouldn't use as primary food. Rate this item: 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 Submit Rating Ol’ Roy Reviews Ol’ Roy Ingredients. It is a terrible dog food and should be pulled from the market. I bought this last week and just took them off of it yesterday. My dog is spoiled and prefers take out leftovers and refuses to eat the wet can food. Ol Roy Soft and Moist Beef and Cheese dog food February 7, 2020 My dog Chewy, he's a lab mixed and he seemed to like this Ol Roy Soft and Moist Beef and Cheese Flavor Dog Food Pouches. Home. Good news — You can still get free 2-day shipping, free pickup, & more. But the food has some less than desirable ingredients and it contains 50 percent carbohydrates. They might have thrown up simply because they are not used to the food. Many of the ingredients contained in Ol’ Roy dog food formulas are by-products, fillers and chemical ingredients. My two dogs are 1.5 years old, and they beg for the stuff and eat it immediately. Ol’ Roy Dog Food Review. With all that said, there really are many dog foods that are much worse than Ol’ Roy. i bought a bag t-bone&chicken and its chicken no t-bone. It's a treat at night for them to nibble on. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. great for all dogs. Ol’ Roy Dog Food is manufactured by Wal-Mart. This has replaced that, it's better for them and easier and less expensive for me. YOU might love Old Roy, but it is the CHEAPEST DOG FOOD available. We love animals and the company’s that make dog or cats food should to. It’s use is restricted as a food additive in Europe. and Western Family brands of pig ear dog treats. I understand that Walmart caters to consumers that need to watch every penny (who doesn’t these days).